Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Down To Mars in Mega Trade Hall 07.28.2013

On the 28th of July at the SM Mega Trade Hall, the 4th KPopFest was held. The event was attended by many KPop fanatics who want to mingle with other fans, witness the latest about their favorite Korean entertainers, watch the show in which Alexander Eusebio former UKiss member is supposed to be the special guest.

GMA talents and interpop group Down To Mars was invited to attend the event. Members Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji and Yheen were really looking forward to perform ‘Don’t Cry’ by EXO live but unfortunately the show was cancelled due to unavoidable circumstance that happened.

Performing in KPopFest would have been the first for Down To Mars. The event may not be their turf as there are quite a number of KPop fanatics who still think that PPop is a copycat of KPop but Down To Mars were excited and made preparations. They were ready to show their bashers that they are not just an ordinary PPop/Interpop group but a group of young talents who can sing and NOT lipsynch and can dance to the groove.

When they learned that the show has been cancelled, they were disappointed. Down To Mars fans that went to the event were also upset for not seeing them perform.

As the show has been cancelled, members of Down To Mars were put inside the Mega Trade Training Center by the security of SM Mega Mall to control the crowd outside of the Mega Trade Hall because another unavoidable circumstance may occur which the security was preventing from happening.

Down To Mars stayed inside the training center for more than 3 hours. Security won’t let them leave the room. On the other hand, Alexander, we were told, just stayed in the parking lot.

Inside the training center, as there was UPCAT classes at that time, lucky admin staff, professors and students had a chance to talk and for some had photo op with members of Down To Mars. As one class (more than 100 students) was ending their course, one professor asked Down To Mars and Steven Silva (who was also in SM Mega Mall to watch KPopFest) to show up and give encouraging words for the students for the upcoming UPCAT. Ha! Students were not satisfied they even asked them to sing few lines from their song in which they gladly do so.

Following are photos inside the training room.

For the three hours that Down To Mars was confined inside the training center, they were worrying and felt sorry for their fans that came to see them. Much as they really wanted to have a meet and greet, security was really strict for letting them go out to meet them. What I did was to request the security to let 6 group of 5 fans to enter training center for a few seconds for a photo op with Down To Mars. Whoa! I was so happy that security granted my request. With the help from Mimi a fast meet and greet happened.

Here are photos that I took. Sorry for the low quality, it was literally a pose… snap… go… thing. We were not even allowed to make noise as another class is on going. Sorry as well for the others who did not make it.  We were asked to stop as we were bothering an on going class.

And now, sharing with you photos inside the training center while we wait.

Down To Mars with Steven Silva

Though Down To Mars was not able to perform at the KPopFest, they are optimistic that they will be invited again. If that happens, they hope to see many supporters at the even.

With that, I give you this last photo of Down To Mars showing off the gifts that a fan gave them last Sunday.

Yheen, Jang, Daisuke, Kenji and Jeongwon.


  1. i was there,!! haha.. sayang di sila nakapag perform :(

  2. so cute... sayang d sila nakapagperform,,

  3. i heard may part 2 daw ang kfest ! sana makapagperform sila dun . :))