Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Down To Mars 1st Corporate Event in 2014

Last Friday, 7th of March, Down To Mars was invited to grace the 2014 Philam Life Premier Agency Awards wherein the company honored its top producers nationwide for 2013 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza.  The event was attended by 630 awardees, guests and executives of Philam Life.

The annual event of Philam Life was hosted by Sam Oh and Billy Crawford who also performed at the opening and serenaded the company's number one producer.  Kris Lawrence and Speed Dancers were also in attendance to entertain the awardees and guests.

Down To Mars performed One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful' to the No. 3 advisor of Philam Life.  They wowed the audience with their voice and charm.  I will be sharing video later once I am able to get it.  Meanwhile, let me share with you some of the photos before and during Down To Mars' performance.

Down To Mars all dress up and looking handsome in their ensemble.






Impromptu shoot ^_^.  Ei, you guys should see more of their photos taken  in Sofitel by their photographer which will soon be released. Believe me those photos are something to look forward to.


Performing One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'.


Down To Mars was supposed to perform a medley of One Direction in the Fellowship Night.  But due to the long awarding ceremony which took more than four hours, the program committee decided to cancel it. Sigh, tIt would have been really nice if DTM performed and set the theme of the dance party.

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