Monday, August 4, 2014

Down To Mars : Busy Day 1

 I am back and I have so much to blog about Down To Mars in Butuan.

Oh yes, I zipped off to Butuan to see the benefit concert of Down To Mars for Philippine Red Cross entitled Down To Mars: Returns. Glad that I decided to pack and go. Geez, it was so nice seeing them and I miss them so much. As if a ‘newbie fan’, I was blown away seeing and tagging along with them.

Alright, before I go on, I have to warn you that I have tons of photos. If you are a DTM fan you will be spoiled.

To start off, I was in Butuan ahead of Down To Mars. When they arrived at Bancasi Airport in Butuan City I was part of the delegation to welcome them. Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji and Yheen despite waking up so early for their trip, they walked out from the airport in their signature fashion, with their perfect smile plastered on their handsome face and greeted fans who welcomed them. After giving their fans so much glee, the five lads then went to  Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) office for a courtesy call.

From airport and CAAP office, Down To Mars was then escorted to Ford Motors for another courtesy call. By the way, Ford Motors is the official car service of Down To Mars during their whole stay in Butuan. Thanks to Ford Motors for the very generous gesture! Down To Mars was provided with two SUVs.  If I am not mistaken their service were Escape and Focus.

Sans rest and freshening up, the group moved to 95.1 Love Radio, their official radio partner for the concert. There they were interviewed by Kristindera. After Love Radio, they headed to another radio station, Sunny 103.1 FM Radio to invite Butuanons to join and party with them in their concert.

As noon is coming and Down To Mars members were all getting tired and hungry, they moved to the next stop which is Dunkin’ Donuts located in downtown of the city. There they were greeted by fans and crew. Operation was temporarily stopped for more than 30 minutes as the branch was in chaos because of their presence. In Dunkin’ Donuts, lucky fans who bought their tickets in this outlet were treated for a photo op with the members.

With already five stop over since their arrival and already past lunch time, Down To Mars, whose members still look like they just stepped out from a magazine despite being tired and hungry, went to Weegools for lunch. Their tummies were treated with inatol and a big serving of halo-halo for dessert.

In Weegools, up close with them, I realized that minus freshening up, they still  look stunningly handsome. Their luminous and delicate features are beguiling and innocent.

After Weegools, before heading to their homebase, they had a short stop in Guingona Park to visit a Coca Cola (major sponsor) to check the mini outlet where they are having a promo for the concert.

As luck would have it, Down To Mars’ courtesy calls ended and time for rest has come before their rehearsals with their dancers start.

Even without asking anyone of them, I pretty much feel that they are all looking forward to the coming days especially for the big day.

As for me though, as I have confessed that I was blown away by their presence, I am excited to see them on stage again this time on a bigger scale (4,000 tickets were out!).

With so much talent, splendid things from Down To Mars will be unveiled for their fans in the concert.

Following are photos from airport down to the last stop. Indulge…

Bancasi Airport

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Office

DTM on their way to CAAP

DTM making some fans giddy as they made a stop and talk to them...

...and have photo op as well.

Ford Motors Showroom

95.1 Love Radio

 103.1 FM Sunny Radio



 DTM with the owner of Weegools.

Dunkin' Donuts

 A lucky fan got signature from all members.

DTM with one lucky fan who bought seen tickets.

Guingona Park

Photo courtesy of DownToMarsWorld Instagram account.

Up next a look behind the scene at Down To Mars’ rehearsals.

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