Monday, October 7, 2013

Bon Voyage Down To Mars!

Today, 7th of October, Down To Mars left for Japan. They will be out for weeks.

I am certain that fans will be missing them a lot.  But don't worry guys, they will be back soon.

I was quite lucky to see them off this morning and wish them well on their trip.  Here are few photos of Daisuke, Jang, Jeongwon, Kenji and Yheen at the departure area of NAIA 2.

 Kenji Chua

 Jeongwon Song

 Jang Amparna & Daisuke Hagihara

 Yheen Valero, Jeongwon Song & Kenji Chua

I will certainly be missing these chaps who gave me lots of happiness.  Anyway, counting down the days until they return.

Btw, Down To Mars safely arrived Japan about two hours ago.  

Good luck Down To Mars!


  1. I will miss you everyone. Be back soon Down To Mars. Thank you @crazee_lizzy for this!!!!!!!!

  2. Hiii. Just curious if you will ever be updating your "My Crazy Li'l Corner" for SS501 member news?

    1. Yes i still. Will be starting agi
      ain after i return from my trips

  3. Oh good- be safe and have fun ^_^